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  12. ^[15] while other vendors use the term for more visual, [16]Thales defines synthetic environment as “the counterpart to simulated models of sensors, platforms and other active objects” for “the simulation of the external factors that affect them”while other vendors use the term for more visual, virtual reality -style simulators.
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  52. ^lie involves deceptive words, a simulation involves deceptive actions, deceptive gestures, or deceptive behavior. Thus, it would seem, if a simulation is false, then the truth must be known (for something other than the truth to be presented in its stead); and, for the simulation to simulate. Because, otherwise, one would not know what to offer up in a simulation. Bacon’s essay Of Simulation and Dissimulation expresses somewhat similar views. Dictionary of the English Language.South, in the passage quoted, was speaking of the differences between a falsehood and an honestly mistaken statement ; the difference being that for the statement to be a lie the truth must be known, and the opposite of the truth must have been knowingly uttered. And, from this, to the extent to which ainvolves deceptive, ainvolves deceptive, deceptive, or deceptive. Thus, it would seem, if a simulation is, then the truth must be known ( forto be presented in its stead ) ; and, for theto. Because, otherwise, one would not know what to offer up in a simulation. Bacon’s essayexpresses somewhat similar views. Samuel Johnson thought so highly of South’s definition, that he used it in the entry for simulation in his

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